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How to Create Effective Weight Gain Diet Plan

Creating a diet plan is a craft that you have to master to gain weight. Creating this plan is not hard, but it requires finding out what works then add it. It also needs you to smartly add the best foods that are high in calorie, healthy; and, of course, foods that you love to eat.

These elements must be put into your plan to see great weight gain results.

Choose the Right Foods

By choosing right foods I mean choosing the richest foods in calories and add them to your diet plan. Choosing oats, for example, is very good source of calorie. One cup of uncooked oats has 397 calories; adding it to your diet plan will make a gain weight easily.

Your purpose when you’re creating your plan is to include all the calorie rich foods and stick to them.

Here are some high calories foods that make you gain weight, and you should add to your diet.

Dates – dates has 415 calories per cup—very good food for you.
Banana – one medium banana has 105 calories
Pasta – one cup of pasta includes 290 calories
Raisins – 1.5 oz of raisins contains 129 calories

These foods are just a beginning; you can more foods you love in your diet plan.

I made an e-catalog for you that include calorie rich foods only, download it for free, and start making your plan and choosing the right foods immediately.

Schedule Your Meals

Another important aspect to consider when you plan your weight gain diet is to schedule these high calorie foods into meals.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s five or six meal; what does really matter is to schedule them and stick to them to achieve your goals in my humble opinion. However, the more meals you can eat, the more calories you’ll get throughout the day. So try to make six meal per day and stick to them.

Remember, your goal is to eat more calories than you burn. This is the weight gain success formula.

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